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  • What is Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products?
    A Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products is an encrypted digital record that verifies the authenticity and ownership of a tangible item. It is often stored on a blockchain, ensuring it is tamper-proof and easily verifiable. This certificate includes details about the product, its origin, and the rightful owner, providing a secure way to prove ownership and authenticity. It enhances trust, reduces fraud, and often includes additional services like insurance and exclusive benefits associated with the product.
  • How do I access my Digital Vault?
    You can access your Digital Vault by downloading and registering on the Vaultik app, available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • What is a Digital Vault for physical products?
    A Digital Vault for physical products is a secure online platform that stores digital records and certificates related to physical items. This includes proof of ownership, authenticity, and detailed product information. It enhances the security of high-value items by linking them to blockchain-based e-certificates, offering protection against theft and fraud. Additionally, it can provide access to insurance and exclusive services, fostering a closer relationship between brands and consumers while ensuring the integrity and provenance of luxury goods.
  • What types of perks and benefits do I receive with Digital Certificates?
    Digital Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products can offer various perks and benefits, including: Proof of Authenticity and Ownership: Ensures the item is genuine and owned by you. Insurance: Simplifies the process of insuring the item against theft, loss, or damage. Exclusive Access: Provides access to special events, offers, and experiences related to the product or brand. Community Membership: Connects you with a network of other luxury product owners. Enhanced Resale Value: Easier to verify and transfer ownership, potentially increasing resale value.
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