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The Digital
Vault for your
luxury assets

Unlock exclusive communities, rewards and benefits tied to the products you buy through Digital Product Certificates.

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Collect or Request Digital Product Certificates from your favourite brands to unlock exclusive perks and the best brand experiences.


Are you a Business?

Discover how to unleash the power of Digital Certificates for your brand

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      Protect your luxury products with Digital Certificates

Digital Certificates help you preserve the value of your luxury products because they can never get lost. They can be used to prove Authenticity and Ownership for resale, insurance and many other exclusive services. 


      Unlock Exclusive rewards and benefits

Experience the next level of luxury benefits with Vaultik. 

Discover exclusive rewards tailored to your unique tastes and preferences from the brands you love the most. Every purchase unlocks members-only events, 3D experiences, discounts and unique brand experiences. 


      Track provenance and resale

Your Digital Certificates give you access to the story behind your product. Your Digital Vault grants you access to provenance information including supply chain, ownership history and real time valuation for authenticated resale.



  • What is Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products?
    A Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products is an encrypted digital record that verifies the authenticity and ownership of a tangible item. It is often stored on a blockchain, ensuring it is tamper-proof and easily verifiable. This certificate includes details about the product, its origin, and the rightful owner, providing a secure way to prove ownership and authenticity. It enhances trust, reduces fraud, and often includes additional services like insurance and exclusive benefits associated with the product.
  • How do I access my Digital Vault?
    You can access your Digital Vault by downloading and registering on the Vaultik app, available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • What is a Digital Vault for physical products?
    A Digital Vault for physical products is a secure online platform that stores digital records and certificates related to physical items. This includes proof of ownership, authenticity, and detailed product information. It enhances the security of high-value items by linking them to blockchain-based e-certificates, offering protection against theft and fraud. Additionally, it can provide access to insurance and exclusive services, fostering a closer relationship between brands and consumers while ensuring the integrity and provenance of luxury goods.
  • What types of perks and benefits do I receive with Digital Certificates?
    Digital Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products can offer various perks and benefits, including: Proof of Authenticity and Ownership: Ensures the item is genuine and owned by you. Insurance: Simplifies the process of insuring the item against theft, loss, or damage. Exclusive Access: Provides access to special events, offers, and experiences related to the product or brand. Community Membership: Connects you with a network of other luxury product owners. Enhanced Resale Value: Easier to verify and transfer ownership, potentially increasing resale value.

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