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Protect and Connect

your Luxury Products

The first insurance-linked e-Certificate for your luxury products

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Disclaimer: products displayed on this website are not for sale and do not represent any partnership, agreement or any sort of direct relationship with the brands displayed.

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Our technology creates e-Certificates for 

Digital Passports for your luxury purchases.

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Unlock insurance protection and exclusive experiences at the point of sale. 

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Protect your most valuable products from theft, loss and damage.

Access exclusive perks and benefits in members-only communities.


Vaultik is an invite-only platform.
Your favourite luxury brands will grant you exclusive access to our members-only iOS and Android apps.


Buy your

Luxury Goods


Pair your



Unlock Insurance

and Experiences


How it Works

Discover Your Digital Vault

Protect your luxury purchases with Vaultik.

Your personal digital vault is where you can seamlessly access your treasured products, their insurance coverage, and members-only perks.

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Connect with a

Thriving Community

Uncover opportunities that elevate your luxury lifestyle with Vaultik.

Enter a community of like-minded luxury enthusiasts who protect, track and enjoy exclusive experiences through their most prized possessions.

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Unleash Exclusive Benefits

Experience the next level of luxury benefits with Vaultik. 

Discover exclusive rewards tailored to your unique tastes and preferences from the brands you love the most.

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For luxury enthusiasts

Gain exclusive access to our apps and unlock the most exclusive luxury experiences.

For luxury brands

Let’s have a chat about how we can build the best experiences for your clients.

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At Vaultik, we offer brands an unprecedented opportunity to elevate their relationship with consumers.

By integrating our cutting-edge technology, your products become part of a digital ecosystem that unlocks new levels of loyalty, trust, and engagement.

Protect and Connect.
Elevate your brand experience with Vaultik.

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