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Unleash the power of luxury through
one single line of code 

Welcome to the future of luxury engagement.


At Vaultik, we're dedicated to transforming the way brands interact with their customers, offering unparalleled revenue opportunities, protection, connection and loyalty. Join us on this journey of redefining luxury experiences in the digital age.

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Why Vaultik for Brands?

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Manage your products,
campaigns, and digital assets through our intuitive SaaS dashboard. Enhance your brand's presence and offerings with ease, all while leveraging powerful blockchain to unlock insurance and new revenue streams.

How It Works

Integrate Vaultik into your existing e-commerce platform or opt for our customizable and interoperable white-label solution to support in-store transactions with IOS and Android app.

Everything through one single line of code.
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Each product is accompanied by its own e-certificate, enriching customer interactions with provenance information, 3D assets, and stories about its journey.
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Insurance and Perks
Offer customers insurance coverage and unlock new revenue streams while offering exclusive perks, elevating their overall experience and loyalty to your brand.
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Unlock Your Brand's Potential Today

Ready to take your brand to new heights?
Join the Vaultik movement and unlock a world of possibilities. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated or reach out to our team to discover how we can tailor our platform to your brand's unique needs

Our Custom Solution

Ready to create an extraordinary luxury experience for your customers?
Contact us today to explore custom solutions for your brand.
At Vaultik, we're committed to unlocking the value of luxury in the digital age.
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Experience the full power of Vaultik with our SAAS platform providing access to insurance, advanced product analytics, tailored product campaigns, and personalized loyalty programs online and instore through e-certificates for digital product passports.
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